Achievements from Hunger Strike Still Going Strong

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On June 1st, 2008, activist and Spokesperson for New Humanismm in Europe Giorgio
Schultze took over the hunger strike protesting the American space shield. The protest
was begun by Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar who were forced to take a break from their
hunger strike due to deteriorating health.

The protest against the American space shield is gaining increasing momentum
throughout the globe. In addition to Giorgio Schultz, Tamas and Bednar, activists for
peace have gathered in Europe, Australia, and the United States to support awareness
and protest with fasts and other initiatives.

Schultz stressed the importance of using nonviolence to denounce of the of the greatest
violence of the present day and age. The American space shield is a looming threat of
a new war, arms races, and imperializing. He also spoke vehemently about the severe
treats of the anti-missile defense which, under the guise of defense, would actually
militarize space. This is all occurring while governments remain silent and go against
the wishes of their people.

The 2008 campaign was met by huge waves of support and solidarity worldwide
including from MEPs Giulietto Chiesa, Luisa Morgantini, Roberto Musacchio, Vittorio
Agnoletto and Nordic Green Left Alliance (NGLA). On the 12th and 13th of June,
activists for peace went to Brussels to delegate during the Agora Climate talks.

Citizens of the world do not want more military bases or foreign armies in Europe nor do
they wish for the expansion of European powers. The movement for nuclear disarming
and the end of global militarizing is still going strong. There are many ways to join the
movement with initiatives in your area and by increasing awareness.

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