UK’s CND Protests Funding for Trident

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UK residents and citizens of the world were recently given another terrible shock: the
costs of replacing the warfare Trident submarines will actually cost upwards of 25 billion
pounds, not the 11-14 billion pounds which was cited back in 2006. It is no surprise that
the ministry of defense is going over budget. What is a surprise is that the government
is actually considering whether they should these costs in a time when education, jobs,
and health are all struggling.

Up until now, the UK MoD has nearly spent 100 billion pounds on replacing the
Tridents. The decision to fund the additional costs won’t be made until 2016. However,
the MoD plans on spending an additional 3 billion pounds in the time before the decision
is made.

The announcement of the additional wastes of funds for warfare was met by a wave
of protest across the UK and beyond. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
issued a press release on May 18th to condemn the authorization of funds for nuclear
arms. CND cited many examples of more adequate uses for these funds, especially
noting the recent cuts to the police force. What is the point of policing the world if we
can’t even police our country?

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